In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

six and counting…

Tomorrow, will be our 6th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe we’ve been married 6 years already. I also cannot believe it’s only been 6 years with her, it’s hard to imagine or remember life without her.

Our relationship was birthed in sin. Its only attribute was sin. I remember thinking, and believing, for a long time, that there was just no way Amanda and I could be together because of how messed up and sinful our past was. At times it’s still hard to believe. As I think about it now all I can think of is how amazing Gods grace is. He has been so very merciful to us, and has blessed us with a wonderful marriage, and now 4 beautiful kids. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. But I guess grace doesn’t make much sense, that’s the wonder of the gospel.

So, in honor of our 6 years together, here are 6 things I love about Amanda (in no particular order):

1: She’s more amazed and thankful for Gods grace then I am. I love her broken joy when we talk about how God has blessed us. She is a delight to my soul.

2: She loves to serve. She is always serving somebody. With 4 kids there is much demanded of you. When they’re all 5 and under there’s more demanded. When your homeschooling there’s more. When your husband is as sinful and selfish as me there’s way more demanded. And yet she longs to be a blessing to more people! She has so much reward awaiting her.

3: She’s an awesome cook!

4: She makes our home, OUR HOME. She fills it with joy. I love coming home. But I really love coming home to her. When I came home tonight, I saw her and was immediately thankful for her in my life.

5: I get to brag about her to others. When I’m out with guys I get excited when our wives come up in convo. I get to boast in the grace of God in her life, always. What a joy that is!

6: She’s smokin’ hot! It’s like I hit the lottery with this gal. She’s off the hook.

Godly, humble, servent, cook, growing in grace, and beautiful!

God, thank you for hooking a brother up.



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3 thoughts on “six and counting…

  1. Brody Bod on said:

    Pretty rad, man.

  2. Dave Kelly on said:

    Love the way you put that, especially 6 😀 … your family is an encouragement even though I’m just getting to know you

  3. Amy Smith on said:

    So, based on your title, my first thought was….”There are 6 in their family right now…does ‘and counting’ mean what I think it means????…..” You get my drift;oP Either way….your post was about blessings….congrats to you and Amanda. I have learned over my first year that it is truly the grace of God that keeps two people together…His work is evident in your life!!!!

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