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“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”


I fondly remember the days when I just had one or even two kids and I did my house work and planned my meals, served in some capacity at church regularly and played with the baby.  Such a sweet time.  Getting to see every little and big milestone and writing down (or videoing) every cute little giggle or smile.

Side note:  When we moved and were packing up everything, I counted the number of videotapes we had of Ezra in the first year.  It was over 15 videotapes.  Maelyn (baby #4) has about 5 or 6 video’s on my phone…not even whole tapes.  No matter what you say (such as “I’ll NEVER be one of those moms who doesn’t have any pictures or videos of subsequent children”), it happens.  I do have many pictures, but I have yet to even buy a baby book for her.  Sad.  I do have an app on my phone, but, still pretty lame compared to Ezra and Keely.

I also remember thinking I didn’t have time to do “anything.”  Whatever that means.

Ha. Ha. Ha.  Oh the foolishness that abounds.  I’m thankful now if I remember to eat.

Anyway, since officially starting school with Ez this year, I’ve become much more aware of many things.  I don’t have time to go into them right now (as I should be cleaning the bathroom and baking a dessert for tonight’s guests.  Sorry Smiths!), but one of them is the amount or quality of time spent with each child.  So my question for all of you with more than one child is……How do you specifically get time with each child individually?  I know that some of you go out on dates with your kids a couple times a month, but I’m more interested in the day to day or week to week basis…meaning, not an “official” date type deal.  I do get time with Ezra most days since he doesn’t take naps too often anymore and that’s when I do some school stuff with him.  We get to talk and learn and be free from the chatter of the girls.  I also get time with Mae in the early morning and sometimes in the evening too.  The two middle girls I don’t get much time with though…..any ideas from anyone on intentionality with each kid amongst the busyness of life and responsibility?

Got some time with this crazy today.  Love her.


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6 thoughts on “Question

  1. That crazy kid is too cute!…liking the posts! Keep it up!

    P.S. sorry I’m not a momma with a helpful answer to your post


  2. Tracy Smtih on said:

    Maybe have a special “girl’s only” project/craft you are working on a few days a week for a little time. You are crafty. So some sort of hands on project that allows you all to be doing something fun and chatting about their little lives. Now that I’ve seen your place, maybe you could make something in your back craft room and have that be a special girls time. NO Jedi’s allowed!

  3. How about the day of the month that’s their birthday date, it’s their special day with Mommy?? She gets to skip nap (Ezra has quiet time away); and spend special one on one time with just Keely or Lila and Mommy!! Plan a “special something” for just the two of you, even if it’s just listening to them (w/o competition of siblings) while having “tea”. I know that’s only once a month but it comes quickly. Of course, aren’t their b-days the 26th and 27th?? Oops… let’s think of something else… :))

  4. Chrissy Fletcher on said:

    Hey Amanda,
    So I stumbled upon this website of yours, and I have found it to be expremely encouraging! It amazes me that our families are actually so similiar and that you ponder the very same things that I do. I am not great at spending quality time with each of my kids on a daily basis, but I will share with you what I have found to be very rewarding both to me and to them. I pray a lot about what ministers most to each of my children, and in what ways they really feel loved and sense Gods love through me. I try and reflect on the love languages and place my kids into one of the five categories, although they each share little bits of all five on any given day. The way that all plays out varies, but sometimes its a late night snuggle with Kendal in our bed before she falls asleep, or a special book with Landon. I try and let one of them cook with me each night and one clean up. Mikaela enjoys a brief devotional and Jensen just appreciates a quiet nursing time….ha boy does he pull the short straw!! Anyway, God will provide you those divine opportunities, and if you stop and watch, you’ll see that they are already happening!! I am so encouraged by you and your family! Thank you!

  5. As a middle child, it makes me smile that you want to specifically look for ways to spend time with your middle children. 🙂 Most of the time us middle kids act up when we feel we haven’t been given enough attention. Giving positive attention premptively before we seek negative attention is awesome. 🙂

  6. Jeanine on said:

    Hey Amanda,
    I was in that very place last year as I pondered how to manage to make one on one time for each of my kids. I did end up taking them out for an afternoon by themselves each month, but I still felt that I needed to incorporate something in our day to day life. I sometimes will take one of the girls upstairs early and get them ready for bed and just sit, read books, paint nails, do our hair, and talk to them. I also will do the same for Ricky after the girls have gone to bed, (except no nail painting)LOL. We have had some pretty interesting talks after the girls have gone to sleep. We like to read chapter books together too. I will also take turns “napping” with one of the girls. Of course Levi is my early riser so I have always had extra time with him in the morning. It took me awhile to appreciate that for what it was but God cleary ordained that time for me and the little man. I no longer look at it as a problem but look forward to his 6:30am call. God will give you the opportunities if you ask him. He will help you make the most of every moment as you go through the day. Sometimes things that are unplanned turn out to be the most memorable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love reading your blog.
    In Christ,

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