In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

a wonderful encouragement

Yes, I know that I haven’t posted in 2 months just like I said. Lameeeee-o. And really, this post has nothing to do with what’s going on in our lives as far as activities, but I thought it might be an encouragement to some.

I’m reading 2 books right now: Knowing God by J.I. Packer and The Autobiography of George Muller. Both of them I am reading quite slowly so as to apply what I’m learning to my life. I have been “slow” in my prayer life recently and due to an assignment from our care group leader that asked us to list the roles we have and goals we had this summer in regards to those roles, I decided to read these 2 books as part of my goal to grow more in communion with God and pick up my prayer life. Anyway, I wanted to post these two paragraphs from George Mullers’ book because I think that it is both convicting and encouraging at the same time. Hopefully you think so too!

These paragraphs come at the end of a chapter highlighting Mr. Mullers’ testimony and subsequent growth (or lack thereof)….

“I was growing in the faith and knowledge of Jesus, but I still preferred reading religious books instead of the Scriptures. I read tracts, missionary newsletters, sermons, and biographies of Christian people. God is the author of the Bible, and only the truth it contains will lead people to true happiness. A Christian should read this precious Book every day with earnest prayer and meditation. But like many believers, I preferred to read the works of uninspired men rather than the oracles of the living God. Consequently, I remained a spiritual baby both in knowledge and grace.

The last and most important means of growing in the Lord, prayer, was also something I greatly neglected. I prayed often and generally with sincerity. But if I had prayed more earnestly, I would have made much more rapid progress in my faith. Despite my slowness to grasp spiritual principles, however, God showed his great patience toward me and helped me to grow steadily in Him.”

First of all, who of us can’t relate to the first point in some way? Even when we are reading the Word everyday, it’s much easier to sit down with a book! But God doesn’t call us to only know about Him, He calls us to know Him. Period.

Secondly, well, it’s pretty self explanatory. All of us can agree on this point about prayer. Praise God for his patience and faithfulness to continue sanctify and show us abundant mercy!

Psalm 119: 103: ‘How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!’

Simple thoughts.


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