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“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”


So, through catching up on some blog reading while the kids are somewhat quiet in their rooms (supposedly “sleeping”), I picked up some interesting information from Tim Challies blog.  Basically Lifeway Christian Bookstores are starting to label some books in their repetoire with the phrase “Read With Discernment.”  Now, I am not a big Lifeway Books fan basically because they carry a lot of shall we say “bad” books.  Meaning, unbiblical.  So, when I read this little tidbit about them labeling books with this “Read With Discernment” phrase, I was intrigued.  Low and behold, the authors that are labeled with this phrase are none other than Rob Bell, Brian McClaren, and Donald Miller.  Go figure, right?  Praise God!  If Lifeway Books, who sell study bibles by Joyce Meyers (!!!), are putting the “Read With Discernment” phrase on these emergent guys, doesn’t that say something?

Here’s the link to WHY they’re doing this.



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2 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. beyondtheoutside on said:

    Personally, I have read at least one book by each of those three authors you mentioned (Rob Bell, Brian Mclaren, and Donald Miller), and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them and I’m planning to read more by each of these men. While about 20% may be a little crazy and left winged and the theology may not make sense at those times, I found the other 80% to be extremely helpful. I just finished “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller and it was, in short, a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t already, I would personally suggest reading some of their books.
    I think it’s a little strange that their books have “read with discerment” stickers on them. I mean, shouldn’t you read all books with discernment anyway? Most Christian/Chrisitan living books are commentary on Scripture so you should use discernment and test them against The Bible-whether they’re SG books or Rob Bell books.

  2. beyondtheoutside on said:

    * McClaren 🙂

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