In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

MY reviews.

So since Eric has posted some reviews, I guess I must as well….

Why Were Not Emergent:  A fast read and a very good semi-in-depth view of the Emergent church and culture.  Has actually caused me to pray more for friends that I know and people in general that are hooked into an emergent church or are being led astray by the Rob Bell/Brian McClaren type of “theology”.  Not that it’s all bad about the emergent church, there are definitely some good things as well.  Recommended in general, but even more so if you are a working person (as opposed to being at home with your kids) since there are a lot of evangelistic opportunities and this seems to be a huge trend.

Uprooting Anger:  A good read, but not anything I haven’t heard or read before.  Recommended to help get to the heart of anger issues in the light of scripture.  (Though if you’ve been in our church for some time, it won’t be anything new, but nevertheless a good reminder)

Faithful Preachers:  I really enjoyed this book.  It’s three biographies  (and 3 sermons from each of the men)of three different African American preachers from the late 18th and 19th century.  A sobering look at the importance of character and education that pastors should be aspiring to with God’s grace.  It made me extremely grateful for the men that pastor our church and how they not only keep the gospel central, but also their reliance on God’s grace to help them to shepherd our congregation so as to present us without blemish before the Lord.  Highly recommended.

So far that’s it…the book I’m working on now is totally unrelated–it’s actually about food.  Go figure. 🙂

In more unrelated news, Eric comes home tonight with Nick and the rest of the family!  woo hoo!


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