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“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

The Man Himself

So….yesterday was cool. Amanda and I went out for a “breakfast date” to a somewhat nearby little coffee shop. We were sitting on the couch inside the shop enjoying the espresso when in walked Terry O’Quinn the actor who plays John Locke on LOST!!! As you know we’re big fans, so I got uber excited. I drank my coffee really fast and decided that I needed to go say something. I went up to him and talked with him for a min, and then he wanted to say hi to Amanda because she was still sitting on the couch, and he talked to us for like 3 min. He was very kind, had nice teeth, no scar, and maybe gave us a clue.

That was pretty exciting for us! Now we really cant wait to watch our new BFF in the premier next week!!


He wasn’t  like this, he was just getting coffee so he was a bit cleaner and nicer.


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5 thoughts on “The Man Himself

  1. Tracy Smtih on said:

    new BFF….lol. Classic.

  2. DORK! I bet you’re gonna start referring to him as “Terry” now, aren’t you? “Man, Terry and I used to go get coffee together, and we would just taaaalk…”

  3. ebprice on said:

    No Naomi. I actually refer to him as T.O.

  4. I would refer to him as “the To’q” (pronounced Towk).

  5. He works out at the MAC in Timonium, FYI, should you feel the need to stalk him some more. lol

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