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“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Reviews on Books I’ve Read?

Ummm…prob won’t happen. I mean, it could, but realistically… probably not. I can at least recommend them or not.
Amanda and I are keeping a running list of the books we’ve read this year on the right of the page.
So, I’ll do the three I’ve read so far.

  • The book on Jed (Johnathan Edwards)- First off its a big book. One of the bigger ones I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed it though. Read mostly like a novel which made it easier. Got a little tough towards the end (a lot of political things going on, but it was helpful to learn). I would Def recommend it to anyone wanting a in depth look at Jed or for anyone just wanting a good bio. Read it.
  • The Book on the Emergent Church – Very helpful in understanding what their movement is all about, and why its so messed up. It should also help with your discernment. I would recommend to anyone wanting to know what the hoopla is over Rob Bell, and why he and all who follow him need our prayers. Read it.
  • The Gospel and Evangelism Book – Nice small easy read. You’ll prob finish in two or three sittings. Pretty basic stuff, mostly clarifying misunderstandings. Helpful. Challenging. Read it, it wont set you back much financially or in time.

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One thought on “Reviews on Books I’ve Read?

  1. Interesting you call Jonathan Edwards “Jed.”
    I call him “Johnny E.”
    Piper gets “Johnny P.”

    We are just full of respectable names, lol.

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