In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

New Years Resolve

Here is my new years resolution. I wasn’t planning on making any (Don’t aim, can’t miss).

So far I’ve already done one (I really just finished it though, I had started it in ’08)! Pretty sure I won’t get 52, but if I end up reading 20-30 that would be pretty sweet.

The hard part is…applying all 52 books. Plus you also have at least 52 sermons. Any conference teachings. Any additional teachings that a friend says “You really gotta listen to this!” And finally, all that you read from the Word! You could be looking at 250-400 points of application for 2009. If done faithfully, our 2010 resolution might be to start changing water into wine for more people.


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3 thoughts on “New Years Resolve

  1. Um… if you learn how to change water into wine before that, will you share? The wine that is… I don’t really want to do that miracle, though there are a few others I’d like to try. haha

  2. Tracy Smtih on said:

    What did you read Eric…give us a review.

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