In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

yes. a REAL birthday.

Sunday was Eric’s 26th birthday, and so to mark the 26 years he’s been on this earth (outside of the womb of course!), I thought I’d let you in on 26 things I absolutely adore about him, in no particular order.

1.  His love for his Savior.

2.  His unabashed good looks.

3.  How he laughs the hardest when he’s with his children and family.

3.  How he loves his family.

4.  His desire to grow in godliness and lead others to cherish God’s Word

5.  His meaty hands.  (have you ever seen them?  his fingers are like long Vienna Sausages)

6.  How he sings for all to hear and is totally unashamed while doing it.  NO fear of man here!

7.  How he loves me by pushing me to seek the Lord in prayer in those times that I really don’t want to.

8.  His excitement in surprising and delighting me (and others) with different things/places.

9.  The way he turns into a little boy when he plays Legos wth Ezra.  And when watching LOST.  And football.

10.  His creativity in pretty much all things.

11.  The gentleness and respect he shows me.

12.  His heart to care for those in his care group.

13. His made up songs.

14.  His eyes.

15.  His obsession with books and ‘building a library.’

16.  How he loves to get together with other guys and talk theology.

17.  His sense of humor.

18.  The white hair in his beard.  I think it’s totally cool.

19.  The quickness he shows in forgiving me for sinning against him.

20.  His patience.

21.  His prayers.

22.  His humility and desire to grow in it.

23.  His love of ice cream.  It’s crazy.

24.  His adoration of our children.

25.  His love for his church.  And His Church.

26.  How he looks at me.

Of course this is only the beginning of the things I love about my husband, but I thought I’d just throw those out.  I’m so thankful to God that He did not let us stay they way we were, in sin and rebellion, but brought us first to Himself and then to each other.

Happy birthday my love!


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2 thoughts on “yes. a REAL birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday, Eric. You get hairier every year.

    Amanda, you are the sweetest. I loved your list. Happy in love…the way it should be!

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