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“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

“birthdays”, haircuts, & a short trip

Hello all….sorry again for the delay of posts.  It’s been a bit busy over here-go figure.  Between yesterday and today our two girls have turned 1 month old (Lila) and 18 months old (Keely)–I know, I know, they’re not official birthdays, but they’re milestones nonetheless. (can anyone tell me why we’re supposed to spell those three words into one? Allyson?)  I must say that I totally adore these two girls!  Lila is sweet and oh so calm, and Keely…well, she’s not calm in the least, but she’s got such a fun personality 🙂  I’ve been so blessed by these two and I can’t wait to see what will happen with them in the years to come.  I always wanted an older sister growing up, so it’ll be fun to watch the dynamics happen! Here are 2 recent pics of them..

On another note, some of you may be pleased to know that we went and got Ezra’s hair chopped off (boo hoo!) last week….much to our shagrin.  I know that it had to be done someday, I just hoped it wouldn’t have to happen for awhile.  But it got to the point that whenever we went to a store people would comment to me that Ezra was a girl “Oh she’s so pretty!” and Keely was a boy “oh, isn’t he cute!”….come on people, it’s just hair!  Anyway, we took some before and after photos to mark the occasion.  He’s got some kind of goofy smile on his face–he’s totally getting to be 3!

And finally, Eric and I stole a little weekend away from normal life and went down to DC.  We stayed in Fairfax (a LOT cheaper btw) and took the Metro in to DC on Saturday and Sunday.  It was great!  We did take Lila with us for feeding reasons, which turned out to be not AS much fun since she didn’t sleep all that great and apparently isn’t a fan of Georgetown.  But, regardless of no sleep and an uncomfortable baby, it was SO nice to just be with each other and take our time–no agenda or anything.  i love my husband.  The only thing we really wanted to do was go to Mark Dever’s church on Sunday (Capitol Hill Baptist), which we did end up doing!  I can’t say that I heard much of the message because I was down in the dungeon of a basement feeding the baby, but from what I did take in was really great.  Totally different from our church, but it was really great to experience a different way of “doing” a church service.  All of those that were leading the time did so with a great sense of humility and a burden for God’s glory.  I could explain more, but this post is already incredibly long….so just ask us when you see us.

(sign outside of the church–one my most favorite quotes)

Oh yeah, just wanted to throw this picture in there because football season has officially begun and for the first preseason game, everyone had on their Ravens gear.  This pic says it all:

Have a nice day! 🙂


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4 thoughts on ““birthdays”, haircuts, & a short trip

  1. You get an A for using the word “shagrin,” and an A+ for the card that just came in the mail today. Thanks! I was having a bad day, and that made it a lot better.

    Love you too and can’t wait to see you guys again!

  2. janetboylan on said:

    Just so everyone knows… they are frowning because we (The Raven’s) lost, not because they are sitting with their favorite Aunt Janet! haha.

  3. tracy smith on said:

    you Do get an A+ for the usage of “shagrin” but you spelled it incorrectly…so I’m giving you a B. It’s “chagrin” 🙂 I love Ezra’s little wings & I can’t wait to hear about DC.

  4. allyson on said:

    i cannot explain why nonetheless is written all as one word. i was hoping to reedem myself by correcting the spelling of chagrin, but somebody beat me to it.

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