In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

we’re back! well, kind of.

Okay, so I have many random musings for today. Warning: much rambling ahead that may be very boring.

1. We have been officially moved in for about a month.  It’s going well, a little different than I expected, but still good.  As with moving in with anyone (and even more so your family!) there are things that I’m sure annoy both of us, and the timing for all of this is funny because it’s fall and ministry, planning for retreats and a new ministry for Eric has us in full swing.  Yippee!  🙂  In the midst of everything God has been faithful to show me my sin and has been deepening my relationship and dependence on Him.  If you want to ask me more about this, please email me…..too much to write on a blog!

 2.  This moving thing has opened my eyes to the foolishness that is bound up in our hearts in the form of my son, Ezra.  He was officially 2 on Sept 9th 🙂  I do not agree with the whole worldly “terrible two’s”, but I do know that a sinful and foolish heart does not do well when getting whatever he wants because there are people around to give it to him all the time!  Pray that we can be consistent with him!

3. I’ve made this recipe twice and I really love it. My friend Sarah is one of the best cooks I know, so I have tried many on her site. Just a plug for her.

4. I need to grow in gratefulness. I totally take for granted that I am married to the most wonderful, loving, kind, thoughtful, and caring husband in the world. I don’t deserve him and despite that I deserve only judgement and hell, God has not only given me His only Son, but has blessed me beyond my perfect idea of a husband with Eric.

5. Why are the Wiggles aloud to make money? They are freaky.

6. Don’t rent “The Queen.” Poor Eric. He wanted to relax and watch a movie with me, but knowing that I don’t want to watch anything crude, gratuitously violent, anything to do with children being kidnapped or hurt, or scary in a demonic sort of way, the end result was The Queen. We watched about half of it and even I was falling asleep. Ugh.

7. I have the most ridiculously cute children. If you don’t agree, that’s okay, I’m biased. The other day Ezra was trying to make me laugh while changing a pretty rank diaper and he kept saying something over and over that I couldn’t figure out….well I eventually did. He was saying “I’m funny!” Oh brother. As if we don’t have enough pride problems between Eric and myself.

8.  Just finished reading “Safely Home”  by Randy Alcorn.  While I don’t really care so much for his writing style, I must say that this book has caused many questions about how I live and who I’m living for to well up in my heart.  In case you’ve never heard about it, it’s a fiction book based on true stories of the persecuted church in China.  Very thought provoking.  It has helped to bring my selfish, sinfully comfortable, complaining heart to a place of repentance and a new appreciation for what Christ did on the cross for me.  Highly recommended.

9.  Care group is starting back up and I will be fully engaged (well, as fully engaged as you can be with a family to take care of first!) this year.  Last year after I had Keely, Eric wanted me to take a little hiatus while we got thing re-situated and figuring out life with yet another child.  Since we are set and ready to go, I’m back in!  I’m so excited to be able to serve and  serve alongside the college-age adults at our church and can’t wait to see what God has in store 🙂 

10.  In regards to a previous post about wanting to learn to crochet, I am happy to announce that I took a short class with my friend Suzanne and can now officially crochet!  Well, at least 5 or 6 different stitches…..I will post a picture of yet another handbag I’m making when I’m finished it!  Yay!  I actually managed to make an apron for a friend, curtains for Keely’s new room and almost (almost) have finished the dress I have been trying to make for over 6 months, this summer! (I figure that by the time I’m finished the dress, I’ll be pregnant again, so I might as well wait, haha. )

That’s it.  I’m trying to figure out how to put pictures on here, but I’m too stupid today.  sorry.



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