In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

On my ride home tonight I heard the very end of a teaching on the radio. The teacher was talking about Sampson,  and Sampson’s strength. I know Sampson. He was a huge burly guy, who killed people by the thousand. His arms were like tree trunks. His chest was big enough for people to open it up and climb inside. He killed lions, bare handed. He probably had a huge manly beard (Not really. But I have a beard, and if I believe Sampson had one, it makes me seem even more manly in my own mind). He was a guys guy. At least thats what I thought. The teacher went on to explain that Sampson was a huge wimp. He was very small, and puny, and weak and wussy. He had his parents find him a wife, he didn’t want to find one himself. His name means “little son” or “little boy”. He played little boyish pranks. He was in no way the Superhero I pictured him to be.

God uses the weak. The people saw Sampson do those mighty things and wondered how in the world he could do that. God. It was all God. God was showing His own might.

I was so greatly encouraged by that. I immediately thought of those sins in my life that make me feel so weak. I thought of all those ambitious plans for the Lord that I wanted to implement but have failed to do so. I saw how weak I truly am, but was deeply encouraged to hear that its the weak, the failures, the wimps, the not so bright, the poor the people like me that God uses for His glory. Oh, thank God for His grace! Thank God for His power, and His plans to use the weak to draw attention to Himself! Thank God for hope!


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  1. I didnt know you had a blog! This encouraged me to read…a verse that God used tonight at accountability, which i think is going to be a “focus verse” is from 2 corinthians 12:9-10. What a great reminder that in our weakness, we are strong because He died for our sins!!!

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