In the desert…

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

seeing rightly, to pledge joyfully

Our church took pledges today for our “Advancing the Mission Fund”. These were what we would pledge to give over this next year. Coming to a decision about what my wife and I would pledge this year was interesting for me. We were married two and a half years ago, live in Maryland, and cannot afford a house. We have been trying to buy a house, but its been tricky. I’m self employed and we now have two kids, so my wife stays home, and we’re not exactly “raking it in”. We live in a one bedroom apartment, and so all four of us sleep in the same room, and the pressure to get a house is building. And so, trying to decide how much more we wanted to give wasn’t easy. We really want to put whatever we can into a house, but we both believe that God would have us give what we can for the furtherance of the gospel. When we began to think about how much we would give a week, we knew it would mean making sacrifices, and sacrifices are painful to make. However,  when you look at giving with an eternal perspective, and you begin to see it as investing into the Kingdom work, than you begin to wonder if there is more we can give. When we thought about or finances and situation and preferences from a worldly mindset we saw how hard it will be to give more. But, when we look at it biblically we see the value of giving, the joy that it brings, and the privilege it is to partner with our brothers and sisters and join with our God in seeing the Gospel go forth. Oh what a difference it makes in our hearts when we look at things biblically. If Christ met our greatest need, the salvation of sinners to a Holy God, how easy it now is to trust him for all our much smaller needs!


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4 thoughts on “seeing rightly, to pledge joyfully

  1. Peter Anselmo on said:

    Praise the Lord Eric!

  2. Peter Anselmo on said:

    I still think you aught to look in the Frederick area for a possible home (seriously).

  3. Peter Anselmo on said:

    I just talked to Quincy who said he spoke with MacArthur at the Shepherds Conference this past week. He gave him one of His CD’s. MacArthur listened to it and said he really liked it and even spoke about it at the conference.

    Just thought it was cool.

  4. ebprice on said:

    Thats really cool to hear about Q-dog! I think things are on the up and up for all those guys.
    You wanna buy me a house? By the way, there is going to be a new church plant in Vancouver, Washington!! Wanna do it!? It would be sweet!

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