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“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

to tithe, or not to tithe?

Are we called as Christians to “tithe”? Or are we called to give beyond that? Did “tithe” go away with the law and the OT, or is it still commanded in the NT? Some argue from 1 Corinth 9, that the church is to be supported by the “tithe”, just as the Levitical priests were. Curious.


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2 thoughts on “to tithe, or not to tithe?

  1. Peter Anselmo on said:

    Still called to tithe. Still called to give from the heart (which may mean to go beyond).

  2. ebprice on said:

    Peter, where do you draw your belief that we are still called to “tithe”. By “tithe” I mean give 10%. I do believe that we are called to give at least that much, and I do believe that we are to support our pastors, and that we are to give to the local church. But, I also think, according to the NT, the “tithe” would be a minimal giving. And that the NT would call us to go way beyond that.

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